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This Thursday I bought a 2005 X5 with 125k miles in really good condition. An old couple owned and gave it to me for $3700. However, it has 2 issues.

1) the self leveling suspension inactive message, that’s on the dash. I’ve researched that it could be a leaking air spring, the 30A fuse in the back, or the system needs calibration. Any addition ideas would be much appreciated.

2) the belly pan under the car is collecting water and causing intermittent electrical issues. I run a shop and Monday my technicians are going to start working on it, as the couple who sold it to me brought it in to us originally to try to get it fixed. The thought is that water is causing a wire or module to short and allowing the HVAC systems to stay active when the vehicle is off and key is out.

the original owners had it at a previous shop before us and spent 15k trying to fix issue number 2. And the European shop has them install new alternator and tons of stuff- they also told me they’ve done a new timing chain. I felt like this is too nice a car tolet slip by for these issues especially in the condition they’ve kept it in. But any help with these issues would be appreciated. Vehicle also has a brand new battery we installed because it died. My technician who is handling it wants to remove all the seats and carpet and take off the belly pan to get it dried out and start testing the wiring harness and modules.
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