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2005 X5 4.8is - requesting upgrade suggestions from 4.8is owners...

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Hey X5 enthusiasts!!

I just put a down payment on a mint 2005 X5 4.8is / LeMans blue / 90,000 miles (pics to come as soon as the transporter delivers her to me). I want to add a few upgrades when it arrives to boost fuel economy / BHP / ride. I know the 2 easiest best upgrades right off the bat are Cold Air Intake and cat-back exhaust. I would really like to get your personal opinions - if you have done any upgrades to your 4.8is. What works WELL? Are there affordable options? Where did you find your parts (links if possible please)? Anyone put in a backup camera?

Any and all suggestions are gratefully appreciated and respected - thank you so much. I am very excited to be a part of the X5 Owners Club!! Cheers!

~ Joey
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smaller wheels for more MPG, lol

tune, LEDs, spacers, xhaust, intake,
...please leave some details / URLs (Links)...and I think I'll keep the 20 inch staggered rims - car handles like a dream. Thanks.
i put 25mm spacers on my rear wheels, LED angel eye conversion, LED interior lights, licence plate LED lights, using a K&N panel filter in place of stock one-> have plans for a AFE CAI, ganna weld in an xpipe in place of my resenator,

some people talk about software upgrade for the engine and tranny from BMW, but i dont know about this personaly

i would get my IS tuned after intake/xhaust, should get more power/smoother powerband/mpg

i dont know about buying an overpriced cat-back, the stock muffs are pretty small and prolly flow pretty good already, just cut ur resenator

if u have too much money u can buy supersprint headers for an insane price,

i havnt been able to find any supercharger/turbo kits myself, but u can customize anything with a turbo/charger from a real good shop

or get a proper shop that has skill to build u a sick 3' xhaust

ECStuning has the LEDs, spacers, CAI

DINAN has the software, CAI, throttle body

supersprint has xhaust, but i would just cut the stock resenator

headers are an option but i have only come across supersprint and then u need a tune to cancel the O2 sensor

do not dump 2+gs into somthing (cat-back) that u can get custom from a proper exhaust shop with all mandrel bends 3' stainless steel xhaust for cheaper
and yes i to enjoy the 275s out front and the 315s in the back, the stock 20s are sick and the last owner just put brand new Toyo proxies 2 just before i bought it and 11,000kms later they still look new

i would get them refinished blackk thuogh, mayb charcoal matalic, mayb flat black i dont know 100% yet
...please leave some details / URLs (Links)...and I think I'll keep the 20 inch staggered rims - car handles like a dream. Thanks.
the headers i can proly get my indy to custom make for less then the 5gs supersprint wants for there longtubes
Excellent suggestions Gurjit - thanks! Yeah...looking at the X-pipe / LEDs all around. I have been pricing the exhaust - jeezus - $1800 is whack. You are right...X-pipe to replace the resonator and maybe leave stock mufflers might be a great solution.

First thing I Am doing is the AFE Cold Air intake - instant BHP boost / better MPG.

Thanks man!! You rock!!

Keep it coming guys!!
tint front windows 50%

get rid of any signs/stickers that say stealership names if applicable

not much u can do for more power outa the 4.8 its already properly designed, the 4.8 makes good power per cubic inch, u gatta have loads of cash and know a good shop to make it supercharged/turbo, but then u gatta worry about what to do when the tranny blows

check out all the forums u can
find a programmer if u have halogen DRLs, get the angel eyes to be on permanently without any side markers for the DRL
get ur key fob programmed to close windows the same way it opens them
get ur rain sensor programmed to close all ur windows/roof when it detects rain

stuff like that, little details
u should also consider sum maintenance, change ur spark plugs to Iridium, change ur coolant, tranny, transfer-case fluids

check ur ride out properly, prolly needs a front left cv boot/new axle is cheap anyways

check ur power steering, it must leak @ the 2 lines under the reservoir unless they have been changed recently, mine started leaking @ around 80,000km

check ur rear tires for uneven wear, thers a video on youtube wer the guy shows u the proper way to unload the tension from the airbag to properly check ur balljoints

does the rain sensor work? pano roof work? air-ride work? i know how to fix the rain sensor, i have got my pano roof rebuilt, my suspension light has been on since 90,000km it still rides proper and levels properly, only the height selection doesnt work
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