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Have a 2006 325i (E90) 153,000 miles very nice car and super fun to drive. But when slowing down to a stop the AT seems to hold at second and shift hard into first and there a "bump." like I did a break check. This happens when the car is warm and happens every time once warm, heavy or light braking. I can however put it into Manual mode or neutral when coming to a stop and it will not happen. Im thinking this is a solenoid issue. I do have a ZF AT. 6HP19Z according to that OEM website. Done some research, this appears to be a issue with this AT.
Is this harmful to the AT? this is my daily driver, but its all highway.
Other than this the AT is super smooth. Can I just change out the specific solenoid for 1-2 down shift?

Any help on this matter is much needed and appreciated.
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