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Hello all
I'm a new Bimmer owner of about 4 days (so many buttons to learn!)
But I love my new car.

But I've now noticed that my idrive has some problems. And I think I have nailed it down to my bluetooth to be the issue.
My phone is a Sony xperia z3 compact (android).

My cars music (both radio and cd) frequently cuts in and out. It will occasionally make a "beep" before it cuts out.
But I have noticed it only does it when I have bluetooth connected.
When I turn my bluetooth off on my phone, all music works throughout the car without fail.

I also noticed that when I make a call through the bluetooth, it will only work when it "feels like it".

Can someone please point me in the direction to fix this issue? Or just suck it up and not use bluetooth?

Cheers fellas
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