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2006 BMW 530i E60 Coils Help ?!

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Hello, new here

I have been doing some research on coils, wanting to get those replaced. Now I see that the coils in the 2006 E60 go near the firewall and sit below the windshield wiper plastic flooring if you know what I mean, basically the coils near the firewall are impossible to get to, since I have not worked on E60 as far as coils, but replaced them in many other cars, I am just wondering if I am missing something? Do I take something off, is it really that hard to access? Or am I over thinking,

some light needs to be shed on the coil replacement please

thank you
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To get to some of the coils (closest to the firewall), you will need to remove the cabin air filters, trim around the air filters. Not too hard. It shouldn't take more than half hour.
If you think the 530i coils are tough help someone change #4 and #8 on an eight cylinder. You feel like you are standing on your head!
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