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Hi all!
I recently bought a used 520d Tourer and I have been loving it so far. The other day I thought I would check the coolant and oil levels and I happened to glance down to the engine tray and saw that there was a damp patch on it on the front of the engine.
I have been checking the coolant and oil levels and both appear not to have dropped over the last few days after letting the engine cool down after driving it, but every time I hop out and check the engine bay I keep seeing a damp patch on the tray along with some dampness on the engine block. After a few hours it ends up drying up. The hose in the bottom left of the second picture apears to be damp too, I've checked the underside of the expansion tank but it is dry.

I've attached some photos to this post and wouldn't mind if someone could give me some pointers as to what the culprit might be please?

Thanks, Will :)
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