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2006 X5 with navigation and Bluetooth

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Have warranty until 12/30/11 on this new 2006 purchase. BMW stated that nav system got wet and is the cause of my monitor jumping around (intermittent signals). Also, my Phone says "waiting" (thinks its dailing) and the control box next to the nav system & 6 pack also "got fried." Appears the water runs (tubes) above door get clogged and creates this mess which is not under warranty.

Any suggestion on either replacing equiptment or maintaining the the drain pipes?
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Where and when did you purchase the X5?
Miami, Fl last week. Traded a 2003 745il for it @ cash.

BMW said the water ducks were fine but water did get into nav and tel. Tel did try to pare, but don't have manual, so no ket. Appears I will have to have them take it out and then look at number on back. Nav works slightly but jumps. see there is a place in Jacksonville that repairs them for $285-$500. X5 now is in MA. Hope to window adjusted under cpo warranty. Need bushing onj both sides which is not (BMW wanted $750 but.. will take elsewhere).

even with the $hits, so far I'm OK with it.
Unless BMW covers it, you're on the hook for the repairs. Even if the FTC guide on the window sticker said you were covered with a warranty, you'd have to bring the X5 back to the dealer in Miami. I would definitly have a reputable dealer or indy up here go through the vehicle completely. You could be looking at many thousands of dollars worth of water damage!!! Good luck.
Thank you. The Miami shop is just an internet/lot dealer. Wouldn't be worth the gas to get off of Rte95 to drive there.. Am in MA and will have another BMW dealer look at conditions.

Off to replace both front end bushings that BMW quoted me "around $750." Crazy. Both parts are $70 inc. shipping and around 1 - 1 1/2 hrs to replace. Then a aliognment. Gee, I wonder why owners don't go back to dealers when their warranty ends??!!

At least my 1998 740li is in perfect running condition.
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