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I took the top off and started getting a smoking smell from the rear right end. There was a lot of smoke coming out of the window space on the rear right. Got the SOS service and Roadside service suggested getting the car towed the next day to a dealer to get fixed.

I got the car to the garage but when I put the top on the rear right window wouldn't go up so perhaps that motor just burned. Anyway, tomorrow is Saturday, so hope SCBMW is open.

Anybody else experience this.

Earlier my seat settings wouldn't work and it turned out the the dealer had delivered the car with the "Transport" settings on. I bought the car at BMW of Mountain View who had the most pathetic customer service and didn't respond to any of these issues. Then went to SCBMW where they resolved that issue.

Any other users experiencing the new hardtop 328i convertible quality issues please let me know. I guess getting the first model is pretty much like a v1.0 software.
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