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Hello all, I have an 08 E92 M3, which is currently experiencing the "trifecta lights". I am getting error codes 5DD0, 5DD2 , and 5DF0. My cruise control doesn't work either. My control messages are "Driving stability!" , DBC malfunction!" and "DSC restricted!". I contacted Module Masters in Idaho, they said my pump was faulty so I sent it to them, and they said they fixed, but unfortunately the lights were still on after installing it back in. It was bled the old fashion way (no special tools), and it was not reprogrammed. Does anyone know how to resolve my issue? I dont want to go to the dealership and spend an arm and a leg for a recalibration / reprogram. Also, I heard about a program I can use myself called ISTA? Does anyone know anything about that?

Thanks a lot in advance :)


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