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2008 M5 windshield pillar trim, how do you remove them

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Hardwiring my Escort 9500ix and I need to remove the windshield pillar trims with the airbags, does anyone know how to safely remove without damaging them.
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I was able to tuck mine just in along the glass without problem, down along the door opening and then across to the plug in the passenger footwell. It was a flat wire though for my V1, if the escort's is round it may be a bit tougher.
very easy.
Pull the plastic SRS cover and there is a bolt under .. Unscrew it (torx) and A pillar cover will come our easily. When you put it back - watchout on the cover/ dashboard area - fabric from A-pillar cover comes off easily if you pray it against the dashboard ... Not too expensive but ....
No worries about the airbag with the pillar trim. Unlike with the interior door panels, the airbags are not connected to the trim. Just pry off the plastic cover, undo the torx bolt, and pull off the piece of trim as advised above.
Thanks guys for all your info

Thanks for all the advice guys I have now decided to install a lazer jammer with the fuzz buster just waiting for the delivery.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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