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Looking for some help. My M6 would not start and I knew the battery most likely was an issue. Purchased on from an Auto Store and got it replaced and programmed by a local mechanic.
The Car started but a couple days later it would not start. I jumped it and that started the car. Took it back to local shop and as expected, At first he tried to blame the battery but when he tested it it showed it had the right voltage. He checked the alternator too I believe (I am not sure how but I guess from the voltage settings in the battery) and said - it looks like you battery and alternator is fine.

I asked him what the issue could be and he basically said we need to check for any drainage and that was a long step by step process. I informed him let me take it home and check again, as I might have left something on that drained the battery, but few hours later car will not start.

Any advice. Could it be a starter, alternator, battery drainage ... What would be my next step,
Thanks in advance
- S
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