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2009 M3 Jerez Black Major Paint correction 1080 HD video

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Hi guys

It's been a longtime since I touch my camera gear to make some detailing videos. I just been busy polishing :). Well luckily I met Richard, who is a much better video editor than I'm...and....He makes his own music ( crazy I Know )

So we have a M3 in for some major paint correction, it had a rough life before it came to us. It's been repainted, hacked by other detailers and front clearfilm was yellowing. The owner choose to have a major restoration done on his paint, all through it was not 100%. He was happy and also signed off to have it opt-coated.

Tools and products used

  • Kranzle PW + foam Cannon
  • Wheel brushes
  • Sonax Full effect
  • Prima Nero on tires
  • Wheel got Hydro
  • Washed with optimum car wash with sheepskin mitts
  • Blower to dry
  • tons of towels
  • IPA
  • 3m masking tape
  • Rupes 3 in air polisher
  • Flex PE
  • Griots polishers
  • Makita rotary
  • M101 compound
  • Prima Swirl
  • Sonax perfect finish
  • Meg MF cutting pads
  • LC PPF wool pads
  • BS yellow, orange, white pads 5in and 3 in

wells here's the video!!

As Always
Please feel free to comment or ask questions
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Nice job. Jerez is one of my favorite colors.
Thanks you very much!
Nice job. Jerez is one of my favorite colors.
Yes, Meguiars M101 is a fantastic compound.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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