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After having a 2006 E90 iDrive/Nav system with all its functionality/usability disappointments, I certainly appreciate the new 2009+ system. The NavTeq map databses had their issues, too.

Now with the TeleAtlas database (same that back Google Maps) and an internal harddrive with more space than a DVD, I would expect MUCH more from the 2009 Nav system.

Roadtrip after roadtrip, I am finding the TeleAtlas database (ver 1.2.8) is WORSE than the NavTeq ones! Entire categories are missing (essential ones that were in NavTeq) and I am tallying 50% of my previous saved POIs do not exist in the "new" database. Plus navigation on simple roads is muddled and differs greatly from G-Maps.:mad:

I am starting to distrust the internal database so much that I am leaning toward always searching beforehand via G-Maps, then sending the POI to MyInfo. Of course, the situation does not always allow this, and then what is the point of having an internal database.:tsk:

The TeleAtlas database is an obvious step down. Are we issued a **severely** scaled down version? With all that new, larger storage, why skimp on the database??:dunno:
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