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Hi, I am palnning to purchase two pairs of IR headphones for my rear DVD system.
I have a 2009 X5.

But, not sure about the frequency SPEC of X5 infrared.

Here is the SPEC of the headphone I am checking, which has two channels.

***9679;A channel: 2.8MHz frequency for right channel; 2.3 MHz frequency for left channel.
***9679;B channel: 3.8MHz frequency for right channel; 3.2 MHz frequency for left channel.

Does anybody know what is the infarred frequency of the orginal 2009 X5 rear DVD systerm?
Does these compatible?

Does anybody try "sound via via speakers" function?


Get Coded
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Per RSE Training manual

Two infrared headphones are included with the RSE option. Wireless headphones can
be purchased separately.
Infrared Headphones
Only approved BMW accessory/replacement IR headphones should be used on the E70.
These can be ordered from the EPC. Volume control for the IR headphones is on the
headset itself.
The carrier frequencies of the infrared headphones are:
***8226; Left channel: 2.3 MHz
***8226; Right channel: 2.8 MHz.
There is no restriction regarding the maximum number of infrared headphones
that can be used.
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