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2010 328i Blower Motor Recall

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I took my car to the dealership after my blower motor stopped working and I found out about the recall. Dealership is saying my motor was unaffected, and that my wires are burnt to hell but somehow has no impact on the non-functional blower motor and they're refusing to replace it. What can I do here? No experience with dealerships.
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No, should be more clear. My car is definitely under recall. I didn't find out about the recall until my blower motor stopped working. The wires connecting my blower motor (the recall) are burnt and melted. The dealership is telling me my motor just happened to fail at the same time as the wires. That doesn't make any sense to me.
Could be just a burnt blower motor resistor which is a common problem.

But anyway

not impossible to do yourself.
You need to print the recall notice (or pull it up on your phone) and go back to the dealership. Point it out to them and say, "Look. Right here. I'm covered. Fix it." If they don't, you could hire one of those sleazy attorneys who will sue for anything and everything under the sun. I mean... it could start a fire and you could become severely injured. You could even die! That fact alone is causing you emotional distress and mental anguish!
I find so many of these "dealers are douchebags" threads come down to the vehicle owner having unrealistic expectations (read: being a jerk). I'm not say you're being a jerk here, but what you write and how you write it certainly comes across as such....

I find being respectful, nice and courteous goes a long way when dealing with any business, particularly the service department of an automotive manufacturer dealership.

The dealership IS correct in that the motor itself is not part of the recall. Is your correspondence with them verbal or written ? If written, can you post the conversation ? If verbal, have you escalated to the service department manager ? (Keeping in mind, if you're being a jerk, escalating isn't going to get you anywhere)
No, should be more clear.
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