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Hello everyone! I apologize in advance if this is somewhere else on the forum but I've looked here and everywhere else and I can't seem to find the answer or anyone else in my situation. I know someone else has to have experienced the same things.

I just bought a 2010 535i xDrive e60 (Production Date: 07-20-2009). Here are the options is has that I thought were relative to the coding for it:

S609A Navigationssystem Professional Navigation system Professional
S615A Erweiterte BMW Online Information Expanded BMW Online Information
S639A Vorbereitung Handy komplett USA/CDN Preparation f mobile phone cpl. USA/CDN
S653A High Definition Radio Radio Bavaria C Reverse II
S693A Vorbereitung BMW Satellitenradio Preparation BMW satellite radio
S697A Area-Code 1 für DVD Area-Code 1 for DVD
S6AAA BMW TeleServices BMW TeleServices
S6ABA Steuerung Teleservices Control for Teleservices
S6FLA USB-/Audio-Schnittstelle USB/Audio interface

I'll attach the full Option summary to this post in hopes that it helps you see through my confusion.

I'm confused about a few things from all of this. It has the CIC system which as far as I can find has identical hardware to any of the other CIC systems with the exception of the newer combox with BT audio. The only cables E-Sys cables I can find for the CIC systems are all for the F-series and up but since I have the same NAV setup and OBD II port, why can't I use the same cable as for the F-series?

I want to update the full nav system to the newest versions but there's no option anywhere in the iDrive system itself to update the software and putting in my VIN on the site says there are no updates/my car isn't supported. Also, I wanted to generate my own FSC code to update my maps by pulling the data from the OBDII port but now with what seems to be an in-between model I'm unsure what to do.

Everything I've read so far in regards to coding says you always want to be on the newest version before you start making features modifications or adding hardware such as the combox+, backup camera, or video in motion for example.

I'm no novice when it comes to technology but because of the sheer value of the car and conflicting information I've found what ways would you approach this situation?


I live in Germantown, MD in the DC/MD/VA area so if someone is more experienced in the area with these types of things, I would love to meet up and talk at some point while admiring each others fine German engineering :)


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Exx does not have Ethernet ZGW (Gateway) like Fxx does, so an ENET (Ethernet) Cable won't work. You must use DCAN Cable. is only to update the Bluetooth firmware inside Combox, which you do not have in you car.

Navigation update is a completely separate thing, although reading the file from Head Unit in Exx car with DCAN won't work, so you need an expensive ICOM, which makes it not worth it.
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