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2011 128i vs 2008 c350

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Which one is better what car is faster and handles better?

Is the interior cheap compared to 128? I have a 2011 BMW 128i. I wanted to know what's better

My friend thinks his cars better lol :rofl:
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No one has anything to say?
It's a BMW 1-series forum; what do you expect to hear?

That said, I don't own a 1 but am thinking of it. Currently own 2 other Bimmers, both 2011. Had MB before, wouldn't go there again if you paid me, but maybe that's just me. The image their cars now project (I don't care what people think, am sure lots of people think I'm a d**k in a Bimmer), but I DO care how it makes me feel. And an MB would make me feel...old. Even their fancy ones, just rich and old.
No one has anything to say?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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