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Hi Folks,

Just want to give you a brief breakdown of my experience. Purchased a new 2011 328 XI sedan in May of 010. From day one, I started calling the dealer about a vibration in the drive train. Their question was does it smooth out when it warms up? Well, yes, after 30 or so miles, in warm weather, the drive train was nice and smooth. Their honest opinion was it was the RFT's. They just need to warm up. OK. At 4000 miles they balanced the tires. Slight improvement. At 15000 miles they replaced all four as being out of round. Ok, again much better, because by that time the added vibration from the OOR tires was gone. Still not good though. Still had to "warm up".

Here is where it get's interesting. I had decided to replace my RFT's with conventional Michelin Primacy tires as soon as I could to finally get rid of the warm up scenario. A nail in the sidewall of the right rear caused that day to come. Yea ha I thought, finally a nice, quiet ride after 4 years! I had BMW do the switch as well as to do the recommended alignment. I pulled out of the dealership and just about XXXed my pants. THE EXACT SAME ISSUE WITH CONVENTIONAL TIRES!!! Right at the end of my warranty and freaked out for sure. After 4 years of being assured I had issues with tires I was very concerned. Add to the fact that with the nice quiet Michelins now allowed me to hear exactly what was happening with the drive train. I called my dealer who set up a '15 X5 XI for me on October. 1,for one day as they tested mine. On November 7th, 37 days later I gave them back the X5, which by the way is a nice vehicle.

Here's what happened for any of you who may have this problem. FYI, the service rep had 2 trade in's that also had the exact same problem in a '10 and another '11, 3 series. I dropped off the car in the afternoon "all warmed up" About an hour later the service manager called and said that he had taken the car for a ride and it was beautiful. At that point I told him that he wouldn't feel a thing that afternoon, but to wait until morning and I would take him for a ride. The next morning I arrived for the ride with the SM. Of course I was a little nervous thinking to myself that I was nuts and the problem wouldn't show. I took of and slowly pushed the car up to fifty. No problem all the way until about 45 when we could start to feel it in the seats. Once we got to 50 it sounded and felt like a jet plane taking off. At 60-65 completely OK. We dropped it back down to a consistent 50 MPH and the jet returned. With the new tires we really could hear it. Long story short, somewhat, BMW engineering got involved. First rotating both the front and rear drive shafts. Actually, a bit worse. Then they decided to rotate the rear axles 180*. At this point I'm starting to look in to Lemon law info. I had several, "come drive the car cold" disappointments, I had driven one of their trade in's and verified the same problems for them. So, at this point when he called and said that the car was ready for another test drive I was skeptical to say the least. I was honestly shocked, but by rotating the axles, the "jet plane" and warm up period problem was gone!! Now to fine tune it I had all four wheels checked for bent rims because after all of the other things being resolved I could now feel a "roughness" in the steering wheel Axle rotation and 2 bent rims later and after 4 years, the problem is finally resolved. I hope this experience can help someone else to deal with their dealers and get their cars back to riding the way they should :)
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