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2011 335d Newbie

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I just purchased my first BMW, I was always a fan on the 335i and had no idea about the 335d. The dealer had a good deal on the 335d and it has relatively low mileage.
I have spent the entire weekend researching but I have not really found an answer to my question.

Yesterday my SES light came on the code is P200A I believe this is because of the Swirl Valves. I'm assuming they need to be cleaned.

I want to delete the swirl valves, if I do will the SES light remain on or will it go away?

Also, I want to remove the EGR valve to prevent any CBU, if I do the delete for the EGR do I need a tune to prevent limp mode? Are there any available tunes to only do the EGR delete, seems like I can't find one specifically for it. Every tune I have read include the DPF and SCR delete, unfortunately, at this moment I can't afford to remove the DPF.

Any advice or help is greatly appreciated. Thanks