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Hey all new to the forums, long time lurker but first post,

I have a 2011 335D with 195k km on it (Living in Toronto, Canada). Owned it for about two years. Had the oil changed before I took ownership and once again at the beginning of last year. Recently started having issues on starting the car cold. When the weather gets close to 0(celsius) or below the car has a hard time starting, cranks for a long time but usually eventually gets started(sometimes requires pressing the start button twice). The colder it gets the harder of a time it has starting. When it finally gets started it has a rough idle with RPM fluctuations for awhile until it warms up. I believe it is an injector issue (I've had the glow plugs replaced before winter started), am I on the right track? (Will be taking it into the mech soon regardless to have to have it looked at)

The real question I have for you guys is regarding the SCR/DPF system. For the lifetime I've been driving the car I have never added any DEF fluid or have had the warning for the DEF fluid come on in the car. I've driven it for at least 20-25k km. Still no low DEF fluid light or warning. Previous owner had said nothing about any modifications or anything regarding the emissions system done to the car. Is there any way I can check whether anything was done to the SCR or DPF system?

Appreciate any insight into either of the situations I'm having.
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