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2011 535xi GT Comfort Access not working on all four doors

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I recently bought a 2011 535xi GT. The car has 100,000 miles and looks like it just came off the showroom floor. One of the few issues I've found is that the Comfort Access doesn't work on any of the four doors. The key fob easily locks and unlocks the doors. With the key fob in my pocket I can pull any of the doors once and they all unlock, pull a second time and the door open. When I attempt to touch "position 1" on any of the four doors they do not unlock. If I touch, squeeze, swipe the ribbed "position 2" the doors do not lock.

Does anyone have an idea what is causing this problem?

Note: For diagnosis purposes I will also say that the front drivers soft close motor is not working. The soft close works fine on the other three doors.