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Hi There,

I have 2011 BMW 528i Series model. Water got spillover close to iDrive Knob.

At first "Press down" button didn't work and "Up-Down" scroller use to work.
Very nextday Press down didn't work. Up-Down scroller stopped working.

Waited 3 days expecting it will comeback by it's own. Unfortunately it did not!

I went through some Bimmerfest threads. seems like we have to change the knob. Found few in ebay, before i go for it.. i have below questions, can any expertise give advice!

Is there any fix with the existing one " Like resetting with the some controls"?
or Can someone be able to rectify? like BMW technician?

if we replacing with any other used knob controller, does it need to go through any programming again?

can i migrate to iDrive touch controller? what are the chances!

Appreciate your response
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