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2011 x5 - they are here! help with color!!

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I currently have a 2007 x5 in monaco blue. I saw the listing of colors available for 2011- and the only ones that interest me are black sapphire, deep sea blue, space grey and MAYBE platinum grey. I am having a very difficult time finding photos that will properly show how the platinum grey and deep sea blue would look on this large a vehicle. I was heartbroken that monaco blue was discontinued and am reticent that the deep sea blue will look juvenile and too turquoise in direct sunlight. Anyone out there have any suggestions? Help? thanks!!!
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Where did you see the list of colors available? Any new interior options? Saw a photo that looked like Oyster. Bummer that Monaco is gone...I agree that Deep Sea Blue might look odd on a large vehicle like this. Looks great on the E60, though. Would have to see in person. We declined delivery on a 2010 XDrive30 last month to wait for the 35i and my dealer has been tight-lipped on any details.
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