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2011BMW 328i xdrive no start after Valve Cover Replacement

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Hello everyone, I’m having a problem with my E90 starting after a valve cover and gasket replacement. I watched a step by step video of the Valve Cover and Gasket Replacement and everything went smoothly. I didn’t have any issues during the removal or installation of the new gasket and cover. I put everything back in reverse order and I double checked every connection, ground wires, plugs and coils that I messed with. When I try to start the car it turns over like it wants to start but it never does. The car ran great before I did this procedure so I know it’s something that I have done. I’m not getting any codes either to help me where to look. I know the Valvetronic can give some issues when reinstalling but I’m comfortable that I have that installed properly. I took it off and bench tested it as well and the motor works. Last night I started to go thru the fuses to see if maybe something shorted before I unplugged the negative terminal on the battery. So far everything looks good there. I got out my volt meter and I have a question regarding the two positive cables in the engine compartment (see pic). What voltage should these read? 12 volts? Should they be hot at all times? Also, what about the Valvetronic plug wire? What should it read at the plug when the car is off and when the ignition is on? Thanks for anyone out there who responds



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it is possibly just coincidence. Have you had the battery load tested ? I would also check every single fuse. Double check any sensors that might be unplugged.
sorry I have no idea on the VTMP voltage. are you sure the battery has 12.6-12.8 volts (not running)? The shifter is in park ? Maybe pull a plug and make sure you are getting spark. look in the owners manual for all fuse locations. It's cranking so that's good but it seems like no spark or no fuel, UNLESS the battery is weak. Many batteries only last 2 years nowadays !!
1 - 2 of 4 Posts