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My first post, I have searched forum carefully but didn't find answers.

I'm about to take delivery of 2012 520i - car has a puff of white smoke on cold start and very rough idling. On pull off, transition from off throttle to super gentle touch on the accelerator, engine revs drop down (it almost stalls) then it picks up and everything seems fine.
BMW dealer have uploaded latest software, replaced plugs, checked fuel line/pressure/filter, they have checked oil separator, replaced oil cap. Injectors were taken out, tested for leaking, they have put them back. Computer is not flagging any codes. They want to replace injectors (although they were fine on pressure test) and some gaskets at the back of turbo (white puff of smoke related). Pretty much, they just want to replace parts until symptoms disappear.
So far they have not done compression test (car is not overheating or loosing coolant) and they are thinking to check VANOS (as if chain has skipped, which in my view should flag engine light immediately).

Any ideas what is causing the problem ?

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