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2012 E70 N55 Overall Issues/costs over the years

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The vehicle (xDrive 35i) is bought new from BMW of Dallas, Nov 2011. The purchase price is around 50,000. Last 7 Vin is L764100. Services always did in Classic BMW.
The first information I can ever find is from 02/22/2012.
02/22/2012: 34268 Miles (Oil top off)
Under Warranty

05/27/2015: 45954 Miles (Oil leak on the garage floor: Replaced Oil filter Housing Gaskets)
Under Warranty

08/11/2015: 46891 Miles (Still find new oil dripping on the garage floor: Removed splash shields and cleaned off all excess oil)
Under Warranty

08/18/2016: 55696 Miles (iDrive show Low coolant warning, No overheating, a large amount of coolant on the garage floor, top of with around 2L of driving water and drove the dealer) expansion tank leaking coolant, pressure tested found leak at expansion tank. Replace tank and cap and refilled with coolant. Test again and no leak.
Out-of-Warranty: Expansion tank: $176.12 Radiator Cap: $36.31 Coolant: $24.98
Work Hours: 2.1, $355.99 TOTAL: $662.21

10/08/2016: 57556 Miles (Service required shown on iDrive)
Out-of-Warranty: Brake Fluid Flush $163.19 Microfilters: $212.38 TOTAL: $420.31

03/07/2017: 62892 Miles (Radiator fan kick come on full blast after 5 min of driving, See video: ) Water pump needs to be replaced.
Out-of-Warranty: Dealer Price: New water pump and thermostat $961.11 parts and $1160 Labor TOTAL: around $2200
Third party (we used, OEM parts): Parts $689 and $517 labor. TOTAL: $1308.9

03/22/2017: 63272 Miles (Widow will not work correctly, stuck open, or close, all four window, no error messages from iDrive) Fault code 003876 message missing from footwell module due to internal open circuit. Replace footwell module (Part# 61356801294B).
Under warranty (Recall found on the footwell module)

07/12/2017: Around 65000 Miles (car won't start: battery died, finally get it jump started, car enter lamp mode while driving to the dealer on freeway, then dies and stuck on the side of the freeway. Had to tow the car to dealer) New battery needed.
Out-of-Warranty: around $400

01/17/2018: 72902 Miles (white, burning smoke from vent, smell like the car is on fire, white smoke from the engine bay) Delar: Valve cover gasket leaking onto exhaust and oil filter housing gasket minor leak
Out-of-Warranty: dealer: TOTAL around $2800
Third party OEM parts: $1024

CAR IS STILL IN THE SHOP. Hope this helps!
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Haha good finds. Although I have the 35i also, mine has similar issues. But I don't indulge in the types of fun as this kid.
you never told us about your bet against Wrangler. Who won?
Never did it, I don't want my rear bumper to broke off lol

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you never told us about your bet against Wrangler. Who won?
Id say those are pretty accurate items that will break on all of them.
@jerrylin5168 had the same exact issues (expansion tank, thermostat) except the windows with my e70 2012. It is now in the garage for a valve cover gasket, hopefully that will fix the leak. Dealer initially told me it was the oil pan gasket for $2100, turned to a local BMW/Mini/Benz master tech, and told me it's the valve cover gasket $650.

My ongoing issue now is the transfer case. Vibration/shudders at low speeds and turning. It's been the problem with this model since I have the warranty, dealer kinda shuns it, insisted me to replace rotors, then wheels, did not resolve the issue up until the warranty expires. Reaches out to BMW US recall service and willing to cover half the cost, the dealer quoted me for 8000$, and it turned out the actual repair would cost is around 3000-3500$ so technically I still have to pay for it.

Still waiting for my tech if he can find me a rebuilt. Those new TC are really bad, unless they change/correct them, I see a lot of post and videos replacing the chain. I'm thinking maybe the front drive shaft recall was just a cover, the real issue is the TC.
This is an old thread, so you might start your own. You might clarify "BMW US recall service" and their involvement with the transfer case. There is no transfer case warranty extension of which I know.

I doubt that the entire transfer case is causing your issue, but think that it is a relatively inexpensive component; relative to $8000 or to $3000. Though procrastination may have allowed that part to have damaged the TC internals.
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