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2012 X3 2.8 Xdrive Mileage

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Just took a 217 mile trip with a mixture of highway and 2 lane roads and averaged 28.7 MPG.
Fantastic (I thought). Much better than my 2007 Honda CRV ever did. What a great efficient auto!
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Thanks for the information. I will be getting my via Performance Delivery at the end of September and am looking forward to the trip home. Glad I went with the 28 instead of the 35.
I have a 35i and get 27.5 on the highway. Very happy with that:thumbup:
I just got back from trip from central NJ to OBX and back (two week vacation down there) after just picking up car and only having 150 miles on it. We put 800+ miles on during the trip and got 23.5 on our 2013 28i. However that was with a large (loaded) Thule box and a bike mounted on the roof the majority of those miles.
Please understand that I am not putting down the 35i, it is just that I drove both (back to back) and was very happy with the 28i performance. It also has at least 40 hp more than the current Mazda Tribute (V6) that I own and have been happy with for ten years. So the idea of getting better than my current V6 performance with better milage is very satisfying.
While driving on freeway, reset the mpg data and let it show current. You will be surprised that if you are driving between 55-60 mph, it shows an average of 35mpg. Though in reality it's difficult to limit speeds upto 60 unless you are above 60.
On a long drive - i.e uninterrupted - High Way or back roads I easily get 30 mpg on 93 octane ..i.e engine is nicely warmed up. Cold winter mornings - First 10-15 miles i get,aroumd 13-16 MPG . Go figure.
Interesting. we picked our 2013 X3 28i up in mid January and have yet to break thru the 20 mpg barrier on any trip. It has been cold here in MO and we will be stuck on reforumlated gas until sometime in March. I'm hoping MPG really starts improving or I'm gonna be rethinking this purchase. My wife is the primary driver and she does not punch the vehicle like I do when I drive. She uses the start/stop feature and drives with the tranny in D. We currently have only 1800 miles on it and run 91 to 93 octane.

Looking back at the records for our previous '09 535i Sport we would at least break thru 20 MPG in the winter months. That car was a helluva lot quicker and faster than this X3.
Just drove St Louis to Little Rock on US 67. Mostly 4 lane divided, relatively flat. with the 2012 35 XDrive, I got 28.5mpg. Around town with short trips and cold weather, I get 22-23. I'm totally impressed with the efficiency of the 35. It has 13k on the odometer.
We took our '08 3.0si to Florida and got 26 going south, 23-24 coming back. I credit a lot of this efficiency to the 8-spd transmission vs the older model's 6 spd. I must say that the 3.0si with the 6spd will flat walk up Monteagle just west of Chattanooga without even breathing hard. it doesn't downship with the cruise set on 70 on a 6% grade for 6 miles. I passed everything else on the road going uphill.
The new car holds suitcases and coolers more easily. It rides better and gets better mileage. The older model has very comfortable seats and great steering and brakes. Its just a different experience. I love the efficiency of the new unit and sometimes wish I had been able to get the turbo4 motor at the time of purchase. BMW's are such fine cars, we have four of them in the family. Two X-5's with the v-8s for the kids.
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