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Hello Folks, have been a proud owner of a X5 that I picked up from CL last year Dec '17 with ~80K miles on it.

I am based in NoVA and like most forum members, do righteously believe in the word 'stealership'

About the vehicle, have ran into a few issues that I have been able to address, and a few more are raising their head that need to be addressed.

Issue1: Trunk electronic control not working, did have burning electric smell in vehicle after it had rained, prior to problem arising.
Many hours in forums pointed to the Twilight module being damaged by water. Sure enough, the passenger side rear trunk under fuse box was having a lot of water.
Fixed this with used module off of ebay(plug n play) and tightening the taillight bolt that was letting water in.
PS: The vehicle electronic acted like was possessed while the twilight was unplugged and vehicle driven.

Issue2: Engine Overheat Warning
Right at 80K and some change miles, the engine overheat messages started popping up and vehicle went in limp mode. Had to get the water pump going manually a couple times, to get the truck to a trust worthy Indy and get the job done. Picked up VDO pump and T-Stat with BMW coolant off of ebay for ~425 and had to shell another 350 in labor. Had the indy do an oil change as well. I use Mobil1 Full Syn High Mileage

To Be Addressed
Issue3: Rattling noise from engine bay when X5 is started and very prominent when throttle is slightly pushed and let go.
This is coming from the S-Belt tensioner. Appears to be either loosely held that torquing down the bolt will fix, or will need to be replaced. Should be ~$75-100 DIY

Issue4: TPMS Light with TPMS system malfunction warning
Will be reaching out to few coders on this forum for going to FTM system, as the TPMS can quickly turn into a money pit.

That's all for now. Hope to put many more miles on this wonderful machine!!

PS: The change brake fluid service reminder came up as well....
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