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Hello! I got this issue where my top would go into the stacked position, the trunk lid would go up about halfway then stop suddenly, and then i would get the “roof movement impaired” and the top won’t fold into the trunk and the trunk won’t go any higher to allow the top to come in. i just changed the salmon relays and that wasn’t it. So instead of going to the “stealership” i’ve decided to see if anyone here can help me. Any information would greatly be appreciated, this is my first convertible and i would much rather it stay a convertible haha.

So these are the pictures that i provided if that helps any, the last picture is the only thing that i could see that could “impair” the movement. Even though i don’t see how that little broken clip causing the wire to poke out would impair anything at all. I still wanted to see what you guys think.

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