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My trip computer screen on the main display stopped showing info, it is just blanked shows "---" for all the categories. Also, the clock on the main display shows the same "---". The same info from the trip computer is available by switching through the small display behind the steering wheel (using the BC button on the end of the turn indicator), the info shows up fine here just not on the main display. Everything else on the main display works except for the trip computer info and the onboard computer info.

Could be a fuse issue or trip computer/onboard computer module?? I have the fuse chart but I don't know what half of the symbols are and I'm not wanting to pull all the fuses to check them.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. I did stop by the dealer and they just said to book it in for diagnosis and didn't offer any suggestions.


Edit: software reprogramming by the dealer fixed the issue
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