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This is not a step by step. Sorry for those looking for one....if needed email me at [email protected] for one if needed.....
That said, did this job tonight.
Couple of things:
Get to the thermostat and pump from the bottom. Use jack stands etc. or a lift.
Make sure you have a 1/4 inch socket, preferably a 1/4 inch drive, with extensions and swivels which will help with the hose clamps. Also a pick took with a hook or a bend will help with the snap connectors on the lines.
You'll need an E12 female socket, again swivels and extensions helpful. Long flat head screw driver is needed / Helpful. Two is even better.
Use a pick tool if you cannot get the thermostat temp sensor connection off.
Remove thermostat and associated lines first. Actually the lines then Thermostat. Disconnect the line from thermostat that feeds pump at rear of pump. Then unbolt the thermostat and feed large line and thermostat out. It will come out between sway bar and undercarriage/subframe.
Then pump lines disconnected. Pump electrical connection while doing those. There is a YouTube video of this being done. Google is your friend.
Once the lines are disconnected, you can unbolt the three bolts holding the water pump in. Extensions and swivels and 2 inch or 3 inch extension for the top bolt helps. There is a electrical line holder attached to pump near upper bolt you will have to pry off first.

Ok all that to say this:
Once the thermostat is out, and the pump is unbolted and is how you get it out.....there is a guy on the above YouTube that says take it out from NOPE. NO. NO.
Take out the fan and fan shroud in front of the radiator. There is a sup port bar that is aluminum with 4 bolts in front and above fan. Take off.
Disconnect the hood latch line from this bracket and the a/c lines from the holders attached to the fan shroud. They can be removed by pushing them to the left......
Then on the left and right side of fan there is a clip / slip in bracket that you will have to press in towards front of car with long flat head screw driver....this frees the fan shroud. Do the driver's side first. Then passenger.
Slide gently the shroud and fan out.....oh and disconnect fan electrical line....duh.

Once the fan shroud and fan is out, you can slide the water pump upwards and towards the drivers side and slide out up top. Bam. No radiator removal needed.

Slide new water pump motor back in. Then secure fan shroud etc and hook up everything you just unhooked.

Easiest way.
Again post questions here or email me if you need help.

Not the easiest of jobs....oh and expect coolant to gush out on every disconnect....
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