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2014 328d

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Just purchased a used 2014 BMW 328d. Has 115K miles on it. Was one owner that drove a lot of highway miles for his job. The owner purchased the 100K full manufacturer extended warranty and the vehicle appears very well maintained. I got the car for a song which is why I jumped on the chance to own a diesel 328 that gets 42 mpg highway that originally cost $42K for about 75% off...the only drawback are the amount of miles and the fact this is out of warranty so any problems will be on me. Reaching out to see if there are any other 328d owners out there. What has been your experience. Should I expect another 115K miles out of the Bimmer? What have been the major mechanical issues you have experienced as an owner or over 100K miles on your 328d? Thanks!:thumbup:
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I've got a 2014 328d that now has 132,000 miles on it. I bought it new and have done all regular maintenance - great car, no major issues. Still get's 50 MPG on the highway.

I just had to replace the EGR at 130K, but that was cheap & easy - about $200.00 for a new OE BMW unit. The "cleaning" DIY on the internet did not work for me... That has been the only non-maintenance repair so far. If you can't confirm that a transmission fluid change has been done, do that first. ZF (the trans. manufacturer) says it should be done every 100K. If it's an X-drive model, get the transfer case fluid changed. I change the fuel filter about every 25K too.

I'm keeping mine for a while yet...
You may be able to get a CarFax report - many dealers report the service they perform and the date/mileage at the service visit, often with specifics - but some don't... Unless the prior owner was an enthusiast, I would bet he did not get the transmission serviced - BMW says it's "lifetime" but the manufacturer says otherwise. It's not that costly...

I let the dealer change the fuel filter (and everything else) for the first 100k, but then did it myself the last time. Not hard to do, but you need the patience to remove the underbody cover to get to it.
Thanks again for the insight and guidance. I'll check into that CarFax. I did get a vehicle history report when I purchased but it just says maintenance without outlining what exact maintenance was completed. What do you think a fair price on transmission fluid replacement might be at the BMW Service center? Is it in the hundreds($300) or closer to thousands ($600+)? Thanks again!
I ordered the ZF kit with a ZF pan/filter and 9 liters of ZF8 fluid for $335.00, and paid an Indy shop $200 for the labor, so ~$535.00 all in. It's not that complicated a procedure, but you have to measure the fluid temperature at different intervals and create the space under the car to do it. You could probably "guesstimate" the temps with a laser thermometer, but I wanted it done right, which requires the BMW service equipment the shop has. As a side note, it's not possible get all of the old fluid out during the normal change. I followed the suggestion of someone else (possibly on this Board) and drained a portion the old fluid from the old pan via the drain plug and replaced that volume with new fluid and ran the car for a week before replacing the pan/filter and another round of new fluid. The point was to get some new fluid in there to increase the volume of new fluid in the transmission after the change. Sounded logical... If you just do a regular pan/filter change you don't need 9 liters of fluid, like my kit had - most have 7 liters in a change kit. The shop said that he added 1 extra liter, so in my case with the extra fluid change, it took 10 liters total.

On the timing chain issue someone else mentioned, it is my understanding that none of the of the N47 engine versions sold in the US had the faulty (old) timing chain design issue. 2014 was the first year for the F30 N47 diesel in the USA.

Again, I had to change my EGR, but have not had any issues with Carbon Buildup or the DPF. 132K and still runs strong. My average MPG ** over the entire 132,000 miles ** is 40.0 as of today. I still get 50+ MPG on the highway.
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