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2014 328d

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Just purchased a used 2014 BMW 328d. Has 115K miles on it. Was one owner that drove a lot of highway miles for his job. The owner purchased the 100K full manufacturer extended warranty and the vehicle appears very well maintained. I got the car for a song which is why I jumped on the chance to own a diesel 328 that gets 42 mpg highway that originally cost $42K for about 75% off...the only drawback are the amount of miles and the fact this is out of warranty so any problems will be on me. Reaching out to see if there are any other 328d owners out there. What has been your experience. Should I expect another 115K miles out of the Bimmer? What have been the major mechanical issues you have experienced as an owner or over 100K miles on your 328d? Thanks!:thumbup:
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Thanks floydarogers for your reply. Are those the things your wife's 328xd had replaced thus far within the 45K miles? Imagine it was all under warranty. How about the EGR valve. Did you have that serviced as of yet? I hear that could be an issue as well on the F30 diesels. Seen several videos on YouTube that it is easy to DIY but I am fearful of doing damage but at the same time don't want to pay the Dealer $500 to remove spray cleaner, scrub with toothbrush and replace...:cry:
KWStandard thanks for sharing. Glad to hear these N47 are well worth it, are long lasting mules that love miles on them. Great point on the Trans Fluid replace. I have yet found a BMW service center that will share with me service history on a BMW despite me being the new owner. They all act as though it is super top secret stuff that will create world havoc if they share anything that was serviced on the vehicle. Any suggestions on how to check if the Transmission was service you can guide me toward? Did you do your own fuel filter or pay the BMW service guys for the replacement. Looks easy enough but I'm a bit fearful if something goes it is like fuel and all. Ha!
Thanks again for the insight and guidance. I'll check into that CarFax. I did get a vehicle history report when I purchased but it just says maintenance without outlining what exact maintenance was completed. What do you think a fair price on transmission fluid replacement might be at the BMW Service center? Is it in the hundreds($300) or closer to thousands ($600+)? Thanks again!
very much appreciated "rbreding" for the great points and calling out these items.
CBU = "Carbon Build Up" and DPF = "Diesel Particulate Filter" seem to be VERY costly maintenance items. Do you think these things would have been covered by the PO pruchased 100K miles factory extended warranty/Maintenance items or are these on the owner to get done as part of regular vehicle maintenance when needed? Thank again for your replies.
Thanks again "KWStandard" for the advice on Trans Fluid. There are several Indi BMW shops in Orlando and I will ask them questions around measuring the fluid at different temps to determine which shop will do it right/best. Ive seen a bunch of videos online for DIY EGR and it looks pretty straight forward. I might just take the task myself removing and inspecting the condition of it. Since I have owned this 328d I am getting avg of 39 mpg between city and some interstate driving and I am pinching myself as I have NEVER experiencing such long intervals between filling up the tank and its only a 15 gal tank to boot! Love that Diesel advantage!!!
Watch out for the "Stealer" in ORL

Before taking your precious Bimmer to any of the "Fields BMW" locations I suggest you look at the reviews, BBB comments and talk to others in the community about them. I refuse to take ANY of my vehicles back to them - I actually drive ALL the way to Ocala, FL to get my service. They damaged my 335Ih TWICE and tried to cover it up. I wish I were making this up. The crushed the drivers door on the lift then after they fixed while still onsite in their Repair facility that they smashed my rear bumper and tried to deny it. Every small service item I brought to them (covered under warranty) came back with 3 new things broken. This was after the same vehicle was returned to them over 12 times to repair endless items they broke. I even had to call BMW headquarter in NJ to get things resolved. Not just my experience I have numerous coworkers that took their Bimmers there for service and experienced same thing. One had her brand new Bimmer wrecked going through their courtesy car wash. Another had electrical problems after getting service from them. They are just a volume facility that is careless and since they own this central Florida market they know you have no other choice. There are independently owned BMW Repair centers (Master Certified Tech that left Fields and opened their own facility) all around ORL that do a far better job and cost way less - glad to share those references with you. Cheers and Welcome to CFL!

Now I'm ready for an oil change. The dealer wants $250 for the oil change and diesel fluid fill. Does anyone have a good independent mechanic in the South Orlando area they recommend?
(I don't like doing them myself even though I am perfectly happy to get dirty on other parts of the car)
If you want a reputable qualified service center that most of Fields BMWs "prior customers" (for a reason) go to for their service needs on their beloved Bimmer I recommend Magic Mechanic at 1432 Lee Rd, Orlando, FL 32804. (407) 629-2661. They are a full service center and work on most of the luxury brands including Bentleys. My 2014 BMW 328d goes to them every since the manufacturer warranty ended. They are likely to most qualified and honest place for Bimmers. And for the DEF like others have said - dont pay anyone for that job. If you can pull a bottle you can do your own DEF refills for a fraction of the price anyone will charge you. Here is what I did. You do need the special fill bottle for the input filler tank. I bought one liter of DEF off Amazon. Look up you tube to see how it works. When that bottle is empty go to Walmart and buy a gallon of DEF fluid (less than $20). It is the same stuff the dealership issues EXACT same ingredients and same stuff. Then that liter bottle you still have. Unscrew the top (yes they want tell you those are refillable) and pour the Walmart stuff into the same liter bottle and repeat until your DEF tank is full. My tank used about half a gallon the first time I did a refill so every refill should cost you about $10 going forward. Oil changes however I leave to the professionals. Cheers!
2014 F30 328d twin Turbo. First cold snap (50F) in FL this morning so I used my heater first time today. Don't use too much in Florida. After driving 20 mins engine heated to normal range when i stopped at red light there was white steam coming from under hood. I thought maybe it was just the heat of engine with the cold weather. When i got to work and i stopped popped the hood and noticed the same steam white smoke coming from under the engine but could not tell where it was coming from. I also noticed my expansion tank was below min range. I let the car cool then purchased some 50/50 coolant Zerexg-05 and topped off the expansion tank. Drove a few blocks to pick up lunch and when i checked the expansion tank the level was down again but i didnt notice the same steam smoke coming from under the hood. Car never overheated and i never got any error codes. But to be safe i parked the car and didnt drive again. Had car towed to the repair shop but they cant get to check it out for a few days from today. I didnt see any puddles under the car and couldnt see any apparent leaks. Engine never went past the mid mark of gauge and no error codes. Just wondering if any advice on what to expect as far as root cause and repairs. Been search the posts but nothing under the 3 series diesel 4cyl with twin turbo. Thanks folks for any advice or recommendations. Cheers!

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Great thread!

I switched from an old e39 (2001) to a 2014 328d (45k miles) in January AND just moved to Orlando 2 weeks ago! Let's stay in touch on mechanics and service centers in the area. I'm located in the SE corner (Lake Nona).

One item that I found so far is that because I have the Msport option, some of my parts are unique to my car only. Found out the hard way when a rock went through my AC condenser and the only part I could find was from the dealer at $650.

The diesel X-drive models dominate and there seem to be very few 328d RWD models out there on the road. Parts are fairly hard to find, so check around different sites if you need minor parts (like underbody plastic panels).

So far the car has been fairly good with great mileage. And luckily diesel is cheaper here than in the Midwest.

Thanks to everyone for posting all the different issues to look for. I'm approaching 60k miles now (I bought the diesel in Ohio because I had a long commute) and need to look into brakes, filters, and a possible transmission flush.

Right now I'm in a desperate need for a Navigation update as the roads here are constantly under construction and the previous owner never updated (I'm on NEXT 2013-1). I'm considering getting the code from BMW because it seems to be the same pricing as the other guys. The threads on this topic are a bit all over and none seem to have links to where they got the maps. (I guess I'll keep plugging away).
Hey i was Wondering if you did the tranny flush yet? Im curious what the price will be for that. I know it is never 100% flush due to the fluid that remains inside the internal parts. Thanks.

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High coolant useage has been a symptom of a failing/leaky EGR cooler. Might want to check around there.
So verdict is in. Indy shop tells me that the thermostat housing has cracked at the upper feeder tube and is leaking. What i dont understand is no error codes flashed and the car didn't seem to overheat nor did the oil temp go beyond normal range. BTW bill is going to be $1200 to replace the feeder tube and thermostat and housing and gaskets. Seems like a ton of money for parts that cost less than $150. Any techs out there feel like this job is really over 5 hours of labor?

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You can check for the procedure(s) here and see if you think it'd take that long.
So surely i am no technician but from what i can tell this is no more than a 2 hr job including refilling the coolant and purging the system. Am I off on that assessment? I got a quote from another indi euro repair facility and they said about 2 hrs but they would have to put eyes on it to confirm. Just wondering if i should get it towed to another facility. I am really appalled this shop would tell me 5 hrs of labor for this job and they also preferenced that with saying that might not be the main issue but we have to stop the leak first amd go from there.

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Welcome! I have a 2014 328d. I love it. 66,000 miles. I bought it new in late 2013.

I did need the transfer case replaced twice. I would get hesitation that was linked to the transfer case. No issues since the replacement about $20k ago. I think this was rare though.

The brakes stink IMO. I'm due for rear brakes for the second time. First time at 37,000 (front and rear) and the second time now at 66,000 (rear only). I plan on replacing them myself with non-OEM. We'll see if that helps. My 2007 335 had almost 100k on it on the factory brakes.

High mileage especially on a diesel would not worry me too much. I'd be more worried about low miles on a d.
SA informed me today that a SB was published and likely a recall forthcoming for the EGR cooler in multiple diesel models and years. Curious has any diesel owners been informed of the recall as of yet? Reading the news i'm getting different report of which manufacturer years for which models. Thanks.

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My wife's 2014 328xd only has about 45K on it. The one you purchased is one of the higher-mileage ones I've heard about. Keep us informed.

If older models with different engines are any guide, watch the harmonic balancer (crankshaft pulley), turbo oil feed lines, and NOx sensors. They re-designed the DEF/SCR system, so I expect it to be more reliable than the older ones.
SA informed me today that a SB was published and likely a recall forthcoming for the EGR cooler in multiple diesel models and years. Curious has any diesel owners been informed of the recall as of yet? Reading the news i'm getting different report of which manufacturer years for which models. Thanks.

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