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Hi, I***8217;m new to the entire BMW realm. I***8217;m deciding on these cars and am having difficulty choosing one.

Used 2014 BMW 328i SULEV with 37k miles for $21k
Exterior color is mineral white with black interior
Carfax says clean record with no prior accidents/issues
One month left on manufacturer warranty

Used 2016 BMW 320i with 25k miles for $24k
Exterior color is Mediterranean blue metallic with Venetian beige interior
Carfax says it was involved in one accident (front primarily damaged, vehicle disabled, vehicle towed, airbags did not deploy) I checked the car settings and everything seems to be repaired and in good shape
About 24 months left on manufacturer warranty

Both have:
2.0L, 4 cylinder 16v DOHC
AWD, Bluetooth, moonroof, reverse camera, push to start, heated seats, and all the other basic features. No additional fancy packages besides drivers assistance aka the back up camera

I know the 328i is technically the better car performance wise but i***8217;m not a car fanatic enough to notice the difference in horsepower. Does the newer 2016 model make much of a difference? I was personally leaning towards the 2014 328 because I was initially looking for a white car and it***8217;s also the cheaper option but with only a few grand difference does the 2016 320 model sound like the better choice? The 2014 also has about 10k more miles and less warranty than the 2016. Is warranty also a game changer? I don***8217;t plan on buying extended warranty either.

If you guys can help me with pros and cons of each of even your own opinion that***8217;d be much appreciated.

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The insurance will be higher for the 320i from the accident. I would get the 328i but you can look for better deals. I just bought my 2013 328i 39k miles m sport. Comes with most of the packages. Paid 23k out the door
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