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BMW X5 F15 2015 pricing

2015 BMW X5 SAV

Technical and design updates
  • Technical update for the 8-speed automatic transmission leading to better efficiency and faster acceleration:
  • As of October 2014 production, there will be an engine displacement change on the N55 engine (X5 sDrive35i and X5 xDrive35i) that increases displacement from 2979 cubic centimeters to 3001 cubic centimeters
  • As of September 2014 production, there will be additional stitching added on all seats upholstered in Dakota or Nappa leather to enhance both seat quality and design. Double stitching will be added on all front seat shoulders.

2015 BMW X5 0-60 mph improvements

Changes to the standard equipment:
  • Sport Leather steering wheel is now standard
  • Comfort Access Keyless entry is now standard on the X5 xDrive50i
  • 6NS 'Enhanced USB and Bluetooth plus Smartphone Integration' is no longer standard because the Bluetooth audio streaming functionality moves to a new standard option (6NH 'Hands-free Bluetooth and USB Audio Connection'). The remaining functionality of 6NS is now a standalone option for $500.

Lines and Packages changes:
  • ZLL Luxury Line and ZXD xLine no longer include 255 Sport leather steering wheel (now standard). Lines prices have been reduced by $100 as a result.
  • ZLS Luxury Seating Package pricing has been reduced by $350 with no change to package content
  • ZPP Premium Package no longer includes 323 Soft close doors (now standalone option). 4NB 4-zone climate control is now included in the package. Package price is now $2,550 (-$150)
  • ZEC Executive Package no longer includes 322 Comfort Access (standard). 4M5 Leather dashboard and 4NB 4-zone climate control are now included. Package price is now $4,600 (+$500)
  • Changes to standalone options:
  • 323 Soft close doors released as standalone option for $600 (previously included in ZPP Premium Package)
  • 4NB 4-zone Automatic climate control no longer available as standalone (available in ZPP Premium Package)
  • 6NS Enhanced USB & Bluetooth plus Smartphone Integration released as standalone option for $500
  • 6UK Night Vision with Pedestrian Detection option price reduced from $2,600 to $2,300

BMW X5 SAV Pricing (including $950 Destination and Handling):

Canadian 2015 BMW X5 SAV

Canadian 2015 F15 BMW X5 pricing and change bulletin

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I currently own a 2012 Mercedes GL350 and I am considering a new BMW X5 diesel. I recall when I used this site several years ago while ordering my 5 Series, there was postings for suggested retail pricing and factory invoice pricing.
If this no longer available for review, what is the average percentage off MSRP in the Bay Area Ca.? Do most dealers work off of invoice or MSRP and what really is the best bang for your buck?
Is it worth waiting for a 2016 and what are the improvements?
Invoice pricing sheets are no longer available. I can't remember what the difference is in pricing, I think 7%. The 2016 pricing and changes are here -
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