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Here is my understanding after checking the builder
M Adaptive suspension ($900) = Dynamic Damper/Air Suspension ($1500)
M Adaptive is for M Sport package
Dynamic Damper/Air Suspension is for Non M Sport (Luxury line/xLine/No Line)
DHP is the ultimate suspension option for the X5. If you have M Sport and already selected M Adaptive Suspension, when you add DHP to the build, DHP becomes $3600 instead of $4500 on the build. This is because the build has considered the already included M Adaptive Suspension for $900.

The same is true for Dynamic Damper/Air Suspension. When you add DHP, Dynamic Damper/Air Suspension is set to $0 with DHP at $4500.

Ultimately, M Adaptive and Dynamic Damper/Air Suspension are the same suspension but called different names depending on the package you go for (or not) and they become part of DHP when it is selected.

Max spend on suspension for the X5 is $4500.

Also, due to a bug/glitch with the online builder at, M Adaptive Suspension is no longer selectable but it is still an available option at the dealership. Just make sure you remind your CA at the dealer to include M Adaptive Suspension if you really want it.

My 2 cents.
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