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2016 550i N63TU2 TUNING

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Hello everyone!

Just picked up a 2016 550I :) and it just so happens to have the newer n63tu2 motor. I was looking into tuning it. I had an n55 335i previously that had a jb4 but had some issues with it. I always wanted to go mhd, but they don't support the n63tu yet. Any have a tuned 550i with the new motor out there? What tuning company should I go with? Can't find much info on these cars out there

I will definitely be going catless downpipe, charge pipe, intercooler, ect..

Trying to take advantage of the new twin scrolls:thumbup:
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Keep the catalytic converters. They convert the poisonous exhaust gases like carbon monoxide, nitric oxide and unburnt fuel into harmless gasses, like carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water.
Good for you and for everyone else.

What's the point of tuning it? Get an M5 if you want more power.
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