Hello everyone,

I recently went with VRSF Catless on my 750, and have no need for the OEM Catalytic Converters. I've attached pictures of the ones I've removed from the vehicle. The car had only 17,657 miles on it when the catalytic converters were removed approximately two months ago. They've just been sitting in storage taking up space, and I realize I may be able to sell them to help fund future modding projects I've got for this N63TU2.

I'm open to offers, but please send in DM, no lowballs please.
I am only shipping within the US.
I'm asking for $900 a piece.

There is some light exterior scratches, when I was removing them for the catless pipes. It was a PITA to be honest, just getting these out. These will not come with any of the mounts/bolts/nuts. Just the Cats themselves as displayed in the picture.

Not desperate to sell, so if it doesn't move, I'm ok with just sitting on them.

RealOEM lists the item number as follows: Catalytic Converter - BMW (18-32-8-671-518)