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2016 F23 Cabrio Installed AVIN 10.25in Display

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I installed the AVIN display and not only does it look better than the 6.5in, but the touchscreen is a nice addition. I also added the CarPlay dongle and it works decently well. There are some slight latency issues after it has been used for a short while. It seems to be something an updated firmware would be able to fix.

I am running into a couple of issues and AVIN doesn't seem able to help. I am hoping maybe someone else has come across the same issues and knows a fix.

1. The bluetooth music stops when I switch away from the music app. Is there a way for the streaming to persist, no matter what I am looking at? Also when I engage the reverse camera?

2. The reverse camera displays a "Malfunction" in the notices. The fault codes are:
- 800BAA Error in composite output
- B7F8C3 CID Hardware Failure

I am thinking maybe it the TRSVC needs a reboot? Or maybe a fuse blew? Has anyone else been able successfully to fix this issue, without going to the dealer?

Thank you for any help you can offer.
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I want to add that after a few weeks, I totally agree with what many people on this (and other) forums are saying. Avin's support is absolutely terrible! I paid the extra money for the Avin unit, thinking that I would get better support and that is pretty much the main reason. We all know these Chinese units are all pretty much the same and there is a savings buying from Alibaba.

Each week, I have sent basically the same information, fault codes related to the rear camera and a few questions. Each time, they picked one question and answer and then they are done responding for that week. I doubt I will buy anything from Avin again.

What does Avin believe will keep people paying more for their product, when they are not offering the one thing most of us are willing to pay the extra money for? Peace of mind and an English speaking support rep if there is a problem.
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