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Hi - I have a 328i, but my son has a 2018 X3. They went on a trip and the tailgate shut on a buckle on a suitcase strap. The metal buckle is now jammed in the latch mechanism. This seems to have put the system in limbo - not really open and not really closed.

The tailgate isn't quite closed, so when you press the button to open it, it tries to close it. Of course it can't because the metal buckle has jammed it up. We found that there is a manual release under the cargo floor panel, but cannot raise the floor panel from the inside with the tailgate down. It seems to be one solid piece and hits the tailgate when trying to raise it.

Does anyone know the trick to getting the floor panel out to access the latch override? Or perhaps how to fool the system into thinking the tailgate is all the way down so it will trigger the open cycle with the button?

Thanks for your time in advance!
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