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Can someone please help me. I got my car 3 days ago and I have realized my 2020 X4M comp has a problem. When I am going thru areas like under trees with shade or little sunlight.. The screens dim and when you put your car in reverse you cant see what’s behind you on the camera...At night its just terrible , When I look out my windshield or my heads up display then switch my eyes to my carplay the dimming is so much my eyes lose focus from the change! I almost got into 2 accidents yesterday. I need help on what options I have. The dealership rep
Said we cant do Anything to change the car. I went to another dealership and saw the 2021 x4m comp with their genius and it has the upgraded idrive 7 with the upgraded speedometer screen and theres no issue like this. I called in to BMW North America they put a escalation ticket and Im waiting. How can I return this car and get a different one or what options do I have? Its only been 3 days since I got the car and I am afraid of getting into a accident and hurting myself or something else in another car or my car. I have never had this issue with any M car I have had or any other model car I have had. ( my car had no tints on the front windows just factory tints on the back)
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