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2020 X5 Msport s40i into beefy and angry 500hp+ bad boy conversion project

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hey everyone!

I messed a bit with my previous 16' 535i stage 2+ making it fun car to drive.
Last week it crossed 69k miles line (which is perfect number), and I decided to preserve the bimmer and park in the garage. Viola, done.
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Today, I got myself 2020 X5 Msport s40i.
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The victim for the mess. Future very bad, very angry kid.

This thread will be sharing my hassle and challenge with this conversion.

things to do without any order

1. order custom made wheels (At the moment I think about same as done on 535i - BBS FI-R style but will research ) 21" or 22" with max width and ET
(need to look around how they look like on 22", my 535i on 21" but bending wheels is the pain which happened to me a couple times on those wheels馃槶)

2. measure the inner radius of the future wheels and order custom made large brakes (6 points front, 6 points rear) with no less than 420mm I hope in the front and 400mm in the rear). Want the distance between caliper and the rim no more than a pinkie. Drill rotors. Same thing I did with 535i but silly me ordered smaller rotors in the rear which I never forgive myself.
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already ordered Akrapovi膷 exhaust which will require some modification of the current exhaust system and probably some fabrication which is alright.

4. order rear X5M bumper cover, diffuser and underneath housing (different connection points on X5M comparing to my poor s40i, they cross fit (confirmed @ BMW dealer) just require additional parts). That one is the tricky one but since it works, will be done (if it would involve repainting the whole car I would paint myself but matching paint not my level of expertise).

5. I heard ppl do not upgrade intercooler on B58 due to the design (i maybe wrong here, are there some good ones without cost half of the car?) so my next option is to upgrade heat exchanger.

6. aluminum charge and intake pipes for B58

7. catted VRSF B58 Downpipe (i want to keep it ~sort of street legal plus i don't like check engine light popping on the dash)

  • since I got air suspension (i thought I had regular one, which is great) no need in coilovers
  • whatever wide bodies I seen look like crap (i may didn't see the good ones). X5 has pretty good lines and just widen the arks is a bad idea, looks like someone needs to hurry and sit on the toilet. so waiting until something good or keep as is.

8. X5M competition rear top wing (or aftermarket, but didn't see anything looking good or matching yet so maybe OEM).

9. side skirts must do. didn't find anything yet but will look today/tomorrow.

10. front lip. found one, purchased, will try on next week.

11. who can survive without m-style mirror covers, will purchase.

12. rear bottom diffuser - still looking.

12.5 (avoiding 13!) rear horizontal carbon flaps?

14. new grille. what should I get? M style obvy an option. I seen some diamond sort of grille ~looked okay on low res but never seen in real life so not sure about it on this model. May look like hooptie.

15. due to I have base headlights with 1/4 part of the halo (which is sucks!) looking for some aftermarket options. some fancy DRL I seen a lot of brands doing something that looks better than M (for other models) but not sure if it would perform better but it's not about that).

16. 1 step colder spark plugs. probably NGK

17. cold air intake, HFS or something better? Custom with input under the grille similar to M5?

18. VTT B58 GC turbocharger upgrade or better

19. hood upgrade? (maybe if find the good one, not obnoxious, more aesthetical)

20. Front bumper, probably will look for something custom.

So here we are.

My plan to order first some obvious things, that I won't changemy mind about. While I'm getting those parts and installing them I will settle with the rest.
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How much are you expecting to spend just on performance mods alone? There is some really pricey stuff in the lenghty list you posted. After market turbochargers, anything Akrapovic, downpipe, etc. are all $$$$.
How does one in the IT world "accidently" aquire a tuning business?
You would appear to live a charmed life.
It's not that expensive in my case. I work in IT business but accidently got ownership of a tune shop @ some point. Labor $ not really involved and parts some % cheaper than for the general audience.
You seem to have picked a rather pricey X5M aftermarket exhaust for you your 40I "build". Appears to retail for $8,100, wondering what you are getting it for now that you have accidentally become a tuner.
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