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20x9.5f 20x11.5r Radenergie R7 forged wheels and tires

So I bought these wheels from Orange Fever. He was unsure of the offset so I couldn't be sure this would have fit my E60 M5. I was ok with using spacers and was willing to take the gamble.

So when I received them, I measured the wheels and now have the official offsets and sizes.

The front wheels are 20x9.5 with an offset of ET 37.
The rear wheels are 20x11.5 with an offset of ET 25.

These will not fit an E60 M5 properly. The rear wheels should fit, but the fronts are too high of an offset at 37. You will need to run a 30mm spacer or larger which is way larger than what I want to run!

This should fit

An E90/E92 M3 with a 10mm spacer up front. Rears should fit, but I'm not too familiar with the fitment of an 11.5" wheel in the rear.

Other cars like the E46 M3 will have a good fitment up front but the rears might need a fender roll. Probably an aggressive roll.

Tires are included with the sale. I have not even opened the boxes for the tires, as I have no use for these and just need to sell them to get them out of my house.

Tire sizes are as claimed by Orange Fever (I'm not opening the boxes and measuring them in my living room and I just don't want to make the time frankly.

Falken tires
front 245/30ZR20
Rear 285/25ZR20
90% on all tires

So to avoid wasting money to ship them back, I'd like to sell these to someone to get them out of my living room and Orange Fever gets to sell his wheels. It makes no sense sending them back to him and have him list them again, so essentially I'm listing them for him.

Please help us get out of this ****ty predicament!

List Date: 3/7/2017

For more info, click here to view the original listing: 20x9.5f 20x11.5r Radenergie R7 forged wheels and tires
On Sale For: $1,700.00


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