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22's versus 20's

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Good mourning to all. This is my first post. I have recently purchased a BMW 750i. I love everything about this car in and out. My only issue is rims. I have had a million cars with all kinds of rims. I want to do my BMW right. I see a lot of people sporting 22's, 24's, even 20's on their 7 series. I like to hit the tollway in dallas at 110-120 cruising. I guess my question is what would be the biggest rim I could go without losing performance, or having to change anything on the suspension? I currently have 19's stock right now.
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20's are too small, 24's are way too big. I'd go 21 or 22. Do 21 if you drive on bad roads or you want to performance drive a lot so you can use thicker rubber. You'll have to lower the car just right to get a good look. Do 22's for that baller look if most of your driving is on smooth roads without mountain twisties. Only a minimal drop would be needed for 22's.
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