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2nd ED Oktoberfest-Wine tasting suggestions

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Hi everybody,

How time flies and I'm booked for a 2nd ED this September 24th. Since my last ED felt a little fast, I've decided to slow it down and spend more time around Munich. Please feel free to comment and make suggestions. I'm particularly interested in small towns along the wine route and places where I can find wine tasting. I've been doing research around the southern end of the wine route. Thanks so much:)

Here is my tentative itinerary:

Sept. 20: LAX-MUC
Sept. 21-23: Oktoberfest/Munich
Sept. 24: BMW Welt/Pick-up, drive to Lake Lucerne
Sept. 25-26: Lake Lucerne
Sept. 26-27: Neustadt, wine tasting and wine route
Sept. 27: Drive back to Munich, return car
Sept. 28: MUC-LAX
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Be sure to check out St. Martin an Der Weinstasse, one of the most picturesque of the the Wine villages. Burg Berwartstein or Trifels are interesting castles to visit. The view from the Cafe at the Kalmit overlook above Edenkoben is also cool. Try some Gimmeldingener Meerspinne and Deidesheimer Hofstück. Also try the Neuer Wein and Zwiebelkuchen at the many roadside stands. The fall colors in the vineyards and the Pfälzer Wald are great.
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