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3 Prong spring on inner brake pads ?

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I ordered some Hawk Blue pads for '01 M Coupe from TC Kline and none of the pads (front or back) have the 3 prong spring that snaps the inner pad into the piston cavity.

Is this 3 prong spring a separate piece? Do I not need it for track pads? Did they send the wrong type? Hmmm...

Thanks, Karl
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Normal - everything OK .

I scoured the TC Kline www site and it turns out (as a few people mention) that the Race Pads (front) do not have the spring clip.

Thanks for the replies.


be prepared for a lot of brake pad rattleing. Every little bump in the road will make the car go CLANK, CLANKITY, CLANK.

On slow stops, the pads can and will make the most hellacious squeling.

Of course for me this is bearable as I change the pads back to stock after every school and use these pads only for drivers schools.

For some recent drivers schools I used full race Performance Friction 97 pads and the clanking was so bad, eben in the staging area at Watkins Glen, that one of the instructors approached me to inform me of the noises my car was making. As soon as I told him Iwas running full race pads, he said - "Doh - should have known"

But as you have found out, the pads do not have the 3 pronged clip which prevents the pad from rattleling on the inboard side but which is quite normal for this kind of pad.

You are going to love the stopping power!!

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