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Hoping to get some help. I have a 2006 325i. I have owned the car for 7 years, purchased from original owner, blah blah blah I love this car which is why I don't want to simply buy a newer model.

I would like to upgrade my factory radio to a touch screen navigation system. I went to our local shop, picked out what I wanted, dropped my car off for the install, and was expecting to pick my car up with a new nav system. Then they called me and said my car has fiber optic wires throughout and I would have to upgrade amps, speakers, everything because the fiber optic wires will only communicate factory bmw system. Although I love my car, I'm not going to put half the cars value in a stereo.

Is the shop full of BS or is this a real thing? Either way, does anyone know how I can upgrade to a nav system?

Thanks for help.

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The shop is correct, but find another shop. Any shop that works on BMW’s would have known that before starting.

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For going from a pro Radio to an aftermarket Nav
Avin now makes and adapter for around 100 bucks that will now allow
you to use and aftermarket head unit with a Logic 7 Car Amps .
Its new so how well it works I don't know. Previously the only aftermarket
Head Unit that will work was a Dynavin with there adapter.
Most car stereo shops are dumb as Rocks about BMW stereo systems.
Dynavin just came out with the N7

You still may need programming to get rid of errors from disconnected modules(SOS , PDC)
that use the Radio or Nav to work as well as loosing your dongs for seat belts and
other warnings. Some Head units allow for this.(Dynavin and Dynavin android clones)
(Actually and with an 06 you should be OK with the warnings because it uses
a seperate speaker on that year for warnings.)
(See coding forums for coding)

For going from a Nav/Idrive
If you already have an idrive system there is no practical way to put something
aftermarket in because of the Hump in the Middle of the dash that houses
the screen and the fact the idrive is part of the nav/idrive module that needs to be
removed. If you already have Nav and upgrade to and OEM NBT evo is probably
the best thing you can do .

BMW stereo types Audio Systems.pdf

There is an entire stereo and idrive subforum at e90 post where there are extensive
threads on these subjects.
Putting a aftermarket stereo in a car these days is not like it was pre 2000 where is was
a system seperate from the rest of the car and its not just BMW that does this it's almost
standard now.
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