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Hello; Bimmer fans
first time poster.
I love my 318i its a 1997 project car and I need some help.
I bought this car off a lady who forgot one important fluid...oil.
So I replaced the engine.
however the engine that was in the vehicle did not have this apperatus (i will explain in detail).
I don't fully understand its design unless this is a california emission design.
the only difference between the two engines is this vacuum system... the new engine has a tube coming off the exhaust manifold that is approx 1 foot long then connects to a valve assembly with a one tube going to a sensor or control then to a filter? can assembly.

So my question is this. is this a vacuum system?is it california emission? is it a improved design? can I not use it? being that the other engine did not have this and I don't have a connection for this additional sensor/control?
Please send help.
Thanks for a great place to converse with other enthusiast!
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