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Mine is for sale

redrobbie said:
I am looking to buy a 318i e30 year 89-91.

Does anyone know the stats for this model.

I am looking to find out the 0-60mph time (i think thats 0-100kmh) and the miles per gallon from this car. I live in England so petrol prices are crazy so im looking for something with some performance and deosnt cost too much to fill up!

Any other help in byuing this car would be greatly appreciated :thumbup:
The owner's manual has the stats. I can get that for you later. Mine currently gets an average of 37mpg. I pay around $2.70 per gallon of premium gas.
Take a look at my profile and photo gallery for other pictures of my car. you can send messages to my profile if you have any other questions. This is a wonderful car. Take care
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