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318i Supercharge VS Turbo

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I just want a little extra pickup on this M40 in my 318i that has 200,000km's in it. She's Canadian. Don't come at me with saying I should just get a 325i and modify that, I've done a lot of research and my end goal is to do an engine swap with a M52B28 2.8l that was built after March 1998 and turbo it, but I don't have the money or time for an entire swap right now. I'd rather chill with this M40 with a supercharger for easy maintenance and an easier install. I'm not looking for a massive upgrade, currently.

All that being said, I've looked around and I can't decide what would be the best way to go about this. I keep ending up on e36 threads with an m40/m42 supercharger and I didn't want to start dumping money into a project to end up with something that doesn't end up fitting in my E30 engine bay. I also don't trust anything on Ebay. I don't mind if it's used, as long as I can see it running or have it tested before I buy it. I'd even just buy it from a trusted person here in the community. I don't even mind if it's easier and cheaper to acquire a turbo kit instead. I don't mind the work, it's all about just a cheap upgrade. Cheap as in less than a thousand

I ran across this turbo kit:
Anybody have any experience with this website? I've read user reviews on CX racing on several websites saying its good for the price. I would prefer a supercharger.

Anybody have any tips and tricks to share?
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You'll never complete either a turbo or supercharger install for $1000 unless someone gives you the bits to begin with. That turbo kit lacks a major component: the exhaust manifold. Finding a suitable turbo exhaust manifold for an M40 is going to be difficult at best. You are literally going to spend more to turbo or supercharge your little M40 than what an engine swap would cost, and you'll end up with less HP and torque than the M52B28 swap would have unless you go nuts with the boost.
Well that's discouraging. I guess I'll just wait for the real swap.

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What happened after March 98 ?
M52B28 2.8l that was built after March 1998
"Basically the cylinders were nikasil lined. The sulphar in the petrol corroded them meaning you lose compression. Cars built after March '98 were lined with steel instead as BMW recognised there was a problem. Many owners had their block changed to a steel lined one under warrenty, but still lots of nikasil lined cars about.

Many nikasil owners claim that if you haven't had a problem yet, you won't have one. But there are still cases of nikasil lined blocks failing. You can make your own choice whether you think it's worth buying a nikasil lined block."

Quoted from another forum.

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How to check for nikasil

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Nikasil identification

I think the problem with the Nikasil block was mostly in the USA and SA due to ****ty fuel.
I got my motor from the UK and it is a 06 98 motor according to the VIN.
The block is alloy.
The motor does use oil for being low mileage 80k Miles.

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You must be related to Houdini if you want to identify a plate down there :dunno:
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